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Hello everyone, it's Vicky here, 
welcome to Pedal Vamp!

Hello everyone and welcome to Pedal Vamp, the home of beautiful Italian ladies, Italian cars and of course beautiful Italian pedal pumping Misses!


First off a little about myself, I am Vicky. I am the owner of Pedal Vamp and I deal with the day to day running of this site. Filming, editing, screenplay, distribution is all done by yours truly. In addition to this all email enquiries and requests are handled by me personally. If you email Pedal Vamp for anything you will speak with me! 


How did I get into this industry I hear you ask? Well it started back in 2014 when a very close friend told me of his passion for pedal pumping.


It was something up until that day I had never even heard of but I did have experience not that I knew it. Having been born and raised in Italy I have spent my life around old Italian cars, Fiat 500’s, Uno’s and Panda’s where the cars of choice when I was a young lady and these cars as great as they were could often be difficult to start and drive.


Who knew that something that I used to find so frustrating would end up being something that would form a new career for me!

film oriz.JPG
TIFFANY 500.gif

I had always had a passion for modelling, cars and engines so it really was an easy transition for me to model in the pedal pumping genre. Coupled with the fact I adore beautiful shoes and high heels it really didn’t take me very long at all before I said to myself “This is for me!” Nowadays I am happy to let my wonderful misses work their magic in front of the camera whilst I focus on behind the scenes. 


So it was July 2014 when I actually shot my very first video, it was hugely successful and many more followed quickly. Within a few months I realised how exciting this work was becoming and I knew the addition of new models would allow me to create some amazing adventures. The addition of these models has in no small part helped make Pedal Vamp one of the finest producers of pedal pumping videos worldwide. 


My first recruitment to the Pedal Vamp family was Miss Iris. As soon as I met and spoke to her I knew we were going to hit it off. Her passion and belief in the project was unbelievable and now over 5 years later she is still my number one. She is my partner in crime and my advisor, between us we try and bring your vision to the screen. Miss Iris is also a phenomenal model who can do it all, Cranking, Revving, Fast Driving….even in reverse gear! These abilities have entered her into the legendary status among the pedal pumping community and she has an army of adoring fans from all over the world. 


The next model to join our ranks was Miss Black Mamba in May 2015, she became an instant hit! With her incredibly long legs and beautiful green eyes she is an enchantress who’s natural beauty just sparkles on camera.


Shortly after that we welcomed Miss Melanie to our family. With her natural beauty and radiant smile she quickly became a firm favourite. Filming with Miss Melanie is always an adventure, her reckless driving style is something to behold, gear shifters and clutches tremble with fear when they see her approaching!!

TIFFANY 500.gif
film oriz.JPG

In addition to the models above we also collaborate frequently with Miss Amy, Miss Ninfa, Lady Eva and Miss Natasha. These models also bring their own uniqueness to the videos we create.


Miss Amy for instance is quite the ‘Damsel in distress’, tears and tantrums are never far away when she is in front of the camera. A natural beauty who has also amassed quite a collection of fans from across the globe. 


Miss Ninfa is a delightful model to work with, her driving style is nippy but safe and she loves to floor that accelerator pedal  hard when revving hard or stuck! 


Lady Eva is a professional actress! She loves an adventure and throws herself into the role she plays. Blessed with a wonderful sense of humour and a passion for high heels, Lady Eva is a pleasure to film. 


Many special thanks have to go out to the other wonderful Misses who have taken turns at the wheel of the Pedal Vamp cars over the years:


Miss Ale, Miss Tiffany, Miss Edmea, Miss Jasmine, Miss Natasha, Miss BlackJess, Miss Lelyte, Miss Josephine, Miss Penny,  Miss Chanel, Miss Kim, Miss Amelie, Miss Iside and Miss Maddy.


Your contributions to Pedal Vamp story have been invaluable. 

So that is the story of Pedal Vamp so far! Seven years on and we are still going from strength to strength. We hope you will continue to follow and support us on our journey and we will continue to give you the finest pedal pumping material we can produce. And don’t forget, we cater to all aspects of the pedal pumping genre, and more besides. We offer competitively priced custom videos so please email me for further info. 


Thank you all for your support, 


Miss Vicky

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