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Finest Italian pedal pumping

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Mummy struggles with the aunt's old car


624 Mummy struggles with the aunt's old car.jpg

Roberta has to accompany her son to a friend's birthday party but she finds hard to start her aunt's old car! After some attemps the engine is running, she starts driving but then the Y10 shuts down!

€ 17,00


The Mischievous Realtor's Detour


622 The Mischievous Realtor's Detour  Starring Miss Swami.jpg

Miss Swami works as a realtor, today she has to visit a large house way out of town but she does not notice that the road she has driven onto is very muddy and she gets stuck!

€ 20,00


Rainy and muddy day!


620 Rainy and muddy day.jpg

Miss Lily hates driving in the rain with foggy windows and wipers running, but what she hates most is getting stuck! Today her lovely feet have to fight a lot with the pedals to get out of the mud!

€ 20,00


Revving, grinding gears and teasing!


623 revving, grinding gears and teasing!.jpg

Melanie is ready to delight you today and push the pedal to the metal! She loves to hear the engine roar! Sometimes she takes a break to stretch her toes, and she grinds the gearbox when trying to get reverse!

€ 16,00


Stuck at the farmhouse


621 Stuck at the farmhouse - Starring Miss Kyna.jpg

Miss Kyna is stuck in the mud! She tries to get out of the mud by pushing a lot the accelerator, barefeet also, but the only result she achieves is to make the tyres slip and make a lot of smoke!

€ 17,00


Mules cranking and shoeplay


619 Mules cranking and shoeplay_edited.j

Another struggling cranking day for Miss Roberta! As always, her old Fiat Uno is a damnation to her, and not even her beautiful mules seem to be able to convince this tired and rusty engine to get going!

€ 17,00

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