Finest Italian pedal pumping

& foot fetish videos

From 2014 Pedal Vamp has been producing videos of the finest quality in the Pedal Pumping genre. 


At Pedal Vamp we cater to all aspects of Pedal Pumping:

✔️ Cranking

✔️ Revving

✔️ Driving

✔️ Stuck

✔️ Reverse Driving

✔️ Curbing the wheels

✔️ Car Destruction

✔️ Engine Destruction (Blown Engines) 

✔️ Grinding Gears

✔️ Shoe Play/Dangling


And it’s not just cars. We also use Scooters, Mopeds, Trucks and Busses.

If it’s got an engine we will use it and our wonderful Misses will treat them all with the same level of disdain! 


Our expertise is in making custom videos, 90% of our content has all been commissioned to us by you.

We are extremely grateful to all of our friends who have trusted us to turn their pedal pumping dreams and fantasies into a reality. Our content and repeat custom speaks for itself, we give 100% to every video we produce and in return we have a very happy customer base.  


As of today we have over 500 videos titles for you to choose from, there is something for everyone!

Our YouTube channel has had more than 40 million views and we currently have over 50k subscribers, in the world of Pedal Pumping these figures are simply astonishing!


The reason for these figures is because we do our very best to entertain and excite you!




Thank you all for visiting and supporting us, keep on pumping!!




Recent updates


Drive, smoke and revenge!

Starring Lady Eva


€ 16,00

Bad day for Lady Eva! Again, a friend warned her that her boyfriend was flirting with another girl! Lady Eva drives fast to see the betrayal with her own eyes end then … she takes her revenge!


Cranking and revving in ballerinas

Starring Amy


€ 17,00

Miss Amy is angry, she had to spend a lot of money to repair her car and this damned Lancia Y is still not working! But when it finally starts, Amy punishes it with a hard revving in pantyhose also!


Leather cranking girls

Starring Miss Iris & Miss Black Mamba


€ 18,00

Iris and Black Mamba have just finished a hard day at work, they can't wait to leave the office and go home, but they have not considered that the stubborn Lancia Y doesn't start!


Crank and rev in sneakers and pantyhose

Starring Miss Ninfa


€ 11,00

Miss Ninfa has been urgently recruited for a babysitting service at the last minute: luckily she’s wearing sneakers, the perfect shoes to crank and rev her stubborn car (in pantyhose also!)


Boots cranking at the mall

Starring Ninfa


€ 16,00

Your lovely girlfriend is in big troubles with her car! Ninfa is stuck in a parking after a shopping at the mall, she cranks a lot but nothing seems to work with this damned Lancia Y!


Leather revving girls

Starring Iris & Miss Black Mamba


€ 16,00

Iris and Black Mamba found a full battery in the trunk! Once they changed it the engine finally starts! Good, now the floor the gas pedal without mercy to hear this damned engine scream for mercy!


Saturday afternoon drive and parking

Starring Miss Ninfa


€ 16,00

Ninfa and Vicky are ready to spend a nice Saturday afternoon with friends! Ninfa starts driving in traffic, stops  at the gas station to refuel and she has to make a thousand maneuvers to park the car!


Car and shoes troubles

Starring Miss Melanie


€ 18,00

Dinner at the restaurant with Miss Melanie! And you have to deal with our dangerous Miss while she cranks, drives, stalls and grinds gear while she parks the car once you arrive at destination!

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