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Finest Italian pedal pumping

& foot fetish videos

From 2014 Pedal Vamp has been producing videos of the finest quality in the Pedal Pumping genre. 


At Pedal Vamp we cater to all aspects of Pedal Pumping:

✔️ Cranking

✔️ Revving

✔️ Driving

✔️ Stuck

✔️ Reverse Driving

✔️ Curbing the wheels

✔️ Car Destruction

✔️ Engine Destruction (Blown Engines) 

✔️ Grinding Gears

✔️ Shoe Play/Dangling


And it’s not just cars. We also use Scooters, Mopeds, Trucks and Busses.

If it’s got an engine we will use it and our wonderful Misses will treat them all with the same level of disdain! 


Our expertise is in making custom videos, 90% of our content has all been commissioned to us by you.

We are extremely grateful to all of our friends who have trusted us to turn their pedal pumping dreams and fantasies into a reality. Our content and repeat custom speaks for itself, we give 100% to every video we produce and in return we have a very happy customer base.  


As of today we have nearly 600 videos titles for you to choose from, there is something for everyone!

Our YouTube channel has had  more than  45 million views and we currently have over 55k subscribers, in the world of Pedal Pumping these figures are simply astonishing!


The reason for these figures is because we do our very best to entertain and excite you!




Thank you all for visiting and supporting us, keep on pumping!!





Recent updates


Cranking on cousin's car!  Starring Miss Melanie


597 Cranking on cousin's car - Starring Miss Melanie.jpg

Melanie has to struggle with the car of her cousin! She pumps barefeet on the pedals until the battery runs out, and she is forced to fetch her Fiat Panda to start the Fiat Uno with the cables!  

€ 15,00


Stuck at the football fields! Starring Miss Melanie


595 Stuck at the football fields - Starring Miss Melanie.jpg

Melanie is the lucky mascot of a soccer team, today is the day of the final match and award ceremony but our beautiful Miss ends up in the mud and gets bogged down!

€ 22,00


A teacher typical day! - Starring Miss Ninfa


593 A teacher typical day  Starring Miss Ninfa.jpg

The working day of Ninfa, a maths teacher, is finally over, she couldn't take it any longer with those rowdy kids! Another short fight with her old Fiat 500 and she’s ready to drive and have a delicious burger!

€ 12,00


VW Beetle engine troubles! Starring Miss Iris


596 VW Beetle engine troubles! Starring Miss Iris.jpg

The Beetle has starting problems and the mechanic has advised Iris to take a look at the engine and tighten any screws that are loose. Then Iris tries to start the car and a long cranking begins!

€ 15,00


Making the boyfriend's car scream! Miss Melanie



Melanie has to take her boyfriend's car to the mechanic: hard revving first, then a fight  with the gearbox trying to put the reverse and finally she’s ready for a nice drive in fishnet stockings!

€ 17,00


Cranking distress! - Starring Miss Melanie


592 Cranking distress Starring Miss Melanie.jpg

Melanie can't wait to join her friends at the beach! She has sexy shoes. beach towels, suntan lotion but also a stupid car that won't start! The air-conditioning doesn't work, the heat is on she is furious!

€ 15,00